To setup theme menus, go to Appearance > Menus page.

Theme Menus

  • Header Menu 1 – Navigation menu for Header Layout 1
  • Header Menu 2 – Navigation menu for Header Layout 1
  • Header Menu – Navigation menu for Header Layout 2
  • Mobile Menu – Navigation menu for mobile
  • Account Menu – My account dropdown menu

To customize Menu Appearance, go to Customize > Header > Nav Menu for desktop and Customize > Header > Mobile Nav for mobile.

Menu Item Options

Click on the Menu Options button from the expanded Menu Item to open the Menu Options.

  • Item Label – enable or disable the menu text, or set item as Heading (only available if item is not on the first level)
  • Icon – choose menu item icon from Font Awesome 5 library

Mega Menu Options

To enable mega menu, toggle on the Enable Mega Menu option.

Dropdown Content

  • Default (Menu Items) – Use menu items as dropdown content
  • Content Block – Choose dropdown content created in Content Blocks

Dropdown Width – set the width of the mega menu

  • Content Width – Site content width (Default 1200px)
  • Full Width – Fullscreen width
  • Custom Width – User defined width

Columns – number of columns a mega menu has

Here’s a sample of the Mega Menu created from the menu items(Dropdown Content > Default):